My first steps to Stopping the Acid Reflux

How to cure Acid Reflux


You’d think the first thing I’d do after Walking out of that doctor’s office, armed with simply a pamphlet and a prescription for “Aciphex,” would be to fill the prescription. Instead, I went home and got on the web.  And, my journey led to the creation of this site.

What did I learn and put into action that first week:

  1. Changed my diet. Indeed, I cut out the three culprits of coffee, chocolate, alcohol (which for me was an occasional glass of wine).
  2. I began watching what I ate to see what triggered the problem.
  3. I filled the prescription for aciphex. Although I realized that reflux was caused by an underlying symptom, I also recognized that something needed to be done immediately because my throat was so incredibly red (the doctor told me I had the worse-looking espophagus he’d EVER seen.)
  4. I bought some aloe juice.
  5. I found this I studied it to learn how to make more diet more alkaline than acid.

Let me stop right here and tell you – THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM DOING TODAY . Although my diet is different today, I’ve found that if I maintain a more alkaline diet than acidic, I can still enjoy my 1 cup of coffee in the morning, my little sliver of dark chocolate, and even my wine, with little problem.

So, what have you done this week to change your diet?